Speech Recognition. Produce your best. See Results.

We sell only the best speech recognition technologies

Whatever your environment, industry or size, we have the best speech recognition solution for you.  Whether it be a SayIt,  3M|M*Modal, Nuance or our vScription technology, we help you choose the one that is right for you

Easy to use, accurate straight out of the box.

Use the power of your voice and move towards a hands-free, stress-free working environment. All you have to do is think, speak, and our speech recognition products will take care of the rest.

Customize, Automate, Manage

With advanced speech recognition software, you can sit back as it manages all your dictations, inputs your information into customized templates, and distributes your documents. This is bound to accelerate your practice twofold.

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Harness your Voice. Dictate your life.

We sell only the best in digital dictation

Whether you have used the same brand of audio recorder
your whole career or are just starting out, we have the best brands and models available from Philips, Olympus and

Let technology manage your dictation workflow

If you are looking for a way to manage your dictation either onsite or in the cloud, look no further. We sell and support the most cost-effective, full featured dictation management system, Winscribe.

Clear, crisp, sound superiority

Use the power of your voice and move towards a hands-free, stress-free working environment. All you have to do is think, speak, and let your transcriptionist take care of the rest. Don’t have a transcriptionist? Let our speech recognition products convert your thoughts to results.

Enhanced Productivity

With state of the art technology such as motion sensors and 3D mic technology, capture your thoughts quickly, automatically, effortlessly. Dock your device and let your
computer manage and distribute your work making life just that much easier.

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Behind every successful dictationist…is their transcriptionist.

We have the transcription tools you need

Whether you are looking for transcription software, foot controls, headsets or something to allow you to record your voicemails, we have what you are looking for.

Help them help you.

Although there are an all-in-one solutions for you to manage your own work we recognize the importance of transcriptionists and other assistants that do more than transcribing, but formatting, distributing and organizing. Help them be more efficient in their work saving time and in turn saving you money.

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Make your work…work for you. Optimize your enterprise today.

Workflow Optimization = Job Satisfaction

With a proper workflow analysis, you can avoid documentation creation and management inefficiencies that affect your business.

We know what it takes to run a business and we know the how much paperwork can weigh on individuals. Inefficient documentation or workflow processes often lead to missed deadlines, inaccurate information being documented, too much time and money spent on administrative tasks, and ultimately stress. There is a solution to help boost your workflow and streamline these processes. You’ll see yourself saving money and time instantly.

Healthcare Documentation – We get it

We’re not ones to toot our own horn but if there’s one thing that we know, it’s healthcare documentation. We’ve helped clients in two person clinics up to complete provincial acute care enterprises improve productivity and know the value in maximizing documentation efficiencies in the healthcare industry. With Natural Language Processing technologies from M*Modal or on premise technologies from Winscribe, we have the tools and experience you need.

Increase efficiencies, reduce turnaround times, improve patient care


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