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At VTEX Voice Solutions, we provide dictation, transcription, and voice recognition products to fit any practice. We want to help you be more efficient at work so that you can focus on what matters most – your clients and your life outside of work (because you have one).

Cloud Speech Recognition By SayIt


Cost Effective & Accurate Medical Voice Recognition.
Works on PCs and Macs For Practices of All Sizes
7-Day Free Trial Available

Speech Recognition. Produce your best. See Results.


We sell only the best speech recognition technologies

Whatever your environment, industry or size, we have the best speech recognition solution for you.  Whether it be a SayIt,  M*Modal or Nuance technology, we help you choose the one that is right for you

Easy to use, accurate straight out of the box.

Use the power of your voice and move towards a hands-free, stress-free working environment. All you have to do is think, speak, and our speech recognition products will take care of the rest.

Customize, Automate, Manage

With advanced speech recognition software, you can sit back as it manages all your dictations, inputs your information into customized templates, and distributes your documents. This is bound to accelerate your practice twofold.

Harness your Voice. Dictate your life.

We sell only the best in digital dictationdpm8000_philips-dictation_pocket-memo_insurance_19-7778

Whether you have used the same brand of audio recorder
your whole career or are just starting out, we have the best brands and models available from Philips, Olympus and

Let technology manage your dictation workflow

If you are looking for a way to manage your dictation either onsite or in the cloud, look no further. We sell and support the most cost-effective, full featured dictation management system, Winscribe.

Clear, crisp,  sound superiority

Use the power of your voice and move towards a hands-free, stress-free working environment. All you have to do is think, speak, and let your transcriptionist take care of the rest. Don’t have a transcriptionist? Let our speech recognition products  convert your thoughts to results.

Enhanced Productivity

With state of the art technology such as motion sensors and 3D mic technology, capture your thoughts quickly, automatically, effortlessly. Dock your device and let your
computer manage and distribute your work making life just that much easier.

Behind every successful dictationist…is their transcriptionist.


We have the transcription tools you need

Whether you are looking for transcription software, foot controls, headsets or something to allow you to record your voicemails, we have what you are looking for.

Help them help you.

Although there are an all-in-one solutions for you to manage your own work we recognize the importance of transcriptionists and other assistants that do more than transcribing, but formatting, distributing and organizing. Help them be more efficient in their work saving time and in turn
saving you money.

Make your work…work for you. Optimize your enterprise today.


Workflow Optimization = Job Satisfaction

With a proper workflow analysis, you can avoid documentation creation and management inefficiencies that affect your business.

We know what it takes to run a business and we know the how much paperwork can weigh on individuals. Inefficient documentation or workflow processes often lead to missed deadlines, inaccurate information being documented, too much time and money spent on administrative tasks, and ultimately stress. There is a solution to help boost your workflow and streamline these processes. You’ll see yourself saving money and time instantly.


Healthcare Documentation – We get it

We’re not ones to toot our own horn but if there’s one thing that we know, it’s healthcare documentation. We’ve helped clients in two person clinics up to complete provincial acute care enterprises improve productivity and know the value in maximizing documentation efficiencies in the healthcare industry. With Natural Language Processing technologies from M*Modal or on premise technologies from Winscribe, we have the tools and experience you need.

Increase efficiencies, reduce turnaround times, improve patient care



“For over 10 years the Winnipeg Clinic has been relying on the high quality, efficient and reliable customer service and support provided by VTEX Voice Solutions. With 50 physicians delivering medical care to 1,100 patients a day, my trust in Ryan Gaudet and his team has never been put in question and, in fact, has only grown over the past decade.”

Tom Malone

CEO, Winnipeg Clinic

“I would like to thank you for helping me choose this recording device. It worked really well for us, the recording quality was excellent, the transcription was easy. Setting it up and getting started was amazingly simple. I greatly appreciate your services.”

Dr. Polina Anang

MD, PhD, FRCPC, Staff Psychiatrist, Health Sciences Centre

“I would just like to thank you for sending Keith and Paris to our office for the installation of our transcription system.  These two gentlemen were gentlemen in every sense of the word as well as being incredibly professional and pleasant.  It was a pleasure working with them. 

The system is up and running and everything is working as it should.  So glad I made the phone call to you!!

Again, thank you for all your assistance.”

Heather Reay

Office Manager, Gindin, Wolson, Simmonds, Roitenberg Barristers

“I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing customer experience you gave me today! You made my day and I will gladly recommend you to anyone I know! Thanks again for going beyond what is expected of a company!”

Catherine Leroux

Owner/President, Catherine Leroux Services éditoriaux / Editorial Services

“I am 71 year old physician originally from Czech Republic. I purchased Dragon Medical voice recognition program from VTEX in Winnipeg in February 2015. This company was recommended to me by another physician in our community.

This purchase also included an offer to buy a technical support and I did. Admittedly I wondered if I would be able to use the program successfully considering my Czech accent and my age but I decided to give it a try. I have received a tremendous support from VTEX… not only in the set up and starting the program but also later on when I needed help.

The program turned up to be surprisingly friendly both in respect to my accent and the use of software. I use Phillips Dictaphone which has a high quality of sound and works well with the computer software.

I can recommend without any hesitation VTEX…”

Dr. Jan Navratil

Rheumatologist, Kamloops, B.C., Canada

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 Update 4.1.1 Now Available

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 now has it's first update to address various issues. This update is mostly about stability fixes but also addresses the following; PowerMic settings no longer reset to the default settings after transcription. Dragon Medical Practice...

Philips PocketMemo Voice Recorder: DPM6000 vs. DPM8000

Philips PocketMemo Voice Recorder: DPM6000 vs. DPM8000 Are you choosing between the DPM6000 and the DPM8000? If you're stuck wondering if you should upgrade to the DPM8000, this article will give you a short and sweet overview of the major differences between our...

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 Launch Benchmarks

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 has been out for about a month now and we have had a mixed array of performance from various clients so we decided to take our test workstation and document our benchmark speeds to reference if anyone is looking to replace workstation...

Issues with Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 and Philips SpeechMikes with Windows 10

Since the launch of Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4, we have had many issues with the Philips SpeechMikes not working properly with DMPE4. The biggest issue is that if you close down DMPE4 and restart it, the microphone doesn't work properly. A reboot usually fixes...

Nuance Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 Now Available

Its been a long time since Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 was released and we're happy to announce that Nuance has released it's latest version of its flagship desktop medical speech recognition software, Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4. What happened to version...

VTEX Holiday Hours 2017

Hi, Happy holidays to all! Our holiday hours this year will be as follows; Office will be closed week of December 25th but service is still available Dec 27th, 28th and 29th. Office will be closed January 1st for New Years and will re-open on January 2nd.

Check out our End of Summer Clearance Sale for Dictation and Transcription Equipment!

Shop VTEX Voice Solutions for great deals on clearance products in a variety of categories from top brands such as Philips, Olympus, and Nuance! Don't miss out on huge savings and great deals on NEW and UNUSED dictation and transcription equipment in Canada. We are...

How To Tell What Version of Dragon Medical Practice Edition I Have Installed?

Hi, If you're not sure what version of Dragon Medical Practice Edition you have installed, many of you know that you can go to the Help menu and select About. This will present a splash screen that will tell you the build number you have installed: Problem is, these...

What is the SayIt Accuracy Optimization Service?

Hi there, Paris here and today I am going to go into detail on what the Accuracy Optimization Service is and how it can benefit you. One thing that makes SayIt different from other speech recognition systems is the Accuracy Optimization Service that is included with...

How to Encrypt your Philips DPM8000 – Part 2

Today we are going to cover the second part of encrypting your DPM8000. Specifically, we are going to cover encrypting the files that are stored on the device.  *In order to configure the device you will need SpeecExec dictate or transcribe installed on your PC....

Applications that support the IN-USB2

  • Accuscribe
  • All N' One Digital Wav AudioScribe
  • Arrendale Transcribe+ by Arrendale Associates, Inc.
  • AudioWav Player by Dataworxs Systems
  • BayScribe
  • BCB/VoiceIQ - PlayALL XTRA
  • Blackberry AMR Recordings
  • ByteScribe
  • CourtSmart
  • Crescendo
  • CyberPlayer by Dolbey Systems, Inc.
  • DocQscribe
  • ECS PowerPlayer
  • EMDAT by InScribe Version 4.91 and later
  • Empiric Encompass.Net
  • eScription Version 8.0 and later
  • Express Scribe
  • Fusion Voice by Dolbey Systems
  • FTR Gold by FortheRecord
  • FutureNet
  • HPI Sum
  • HTH
  • InqScribe by Inquirium, LLC
  • iPlayer by RTAS
  • Liberty Court Player
  • Medical Transcription Interactive
  • PowerPlayer
  • PowerScribe
  • Rapid Text
  • Start/Stop
  • Sten-Typist
  • TheRecord Player by ForTheRecord
  • Transcription Buddy
  • Turbo Dictation
  • Vianeta
  • VIQ Player by VIQ Solutions Inc.
  • VoiceIQ
  • Wav Pedal
  • WebCorrect
  • Webmedx
  • WinScribe
  • And More!

Applications that support the Olympus RS-31

  • Olympus AS2400
  • Olympus AS7000
  • Olympus DS3500 (with Dock)
  • Olympus DS7000 (with Dock)
  • Other Compatible Software

Applications that support the Olympus RS-31

  • Olympus AS2400
  • Olympus AS7000
  • Olympus DS3500 (with Dock)
  • Olympus DS7000 (with Dock)
  • Other Compatible Software
You will not be billed under the end of the trial and we will send out a reminder 7 days before the end of the trial
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