Let’s face it. Technology and innovation has made leaps and bounds. And it has changed the way we work, do business, find information, transfer information, and document information. Where am I going with this?

It’s time to move from your analog recorder – yes that old cassette tape – to a digital audio recorder! With the changes in the industry from healthcare clinics and hospitals transitioning into the Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) and companies becoming more automated and paperless – this is where the world’s going!

And for good reason.

Why go digital? Because you benefit from:

  • More efficiency in the organization of your work processes
  • Prioritization of urgent dictations
  • Sending dictations instantly through your PC network
  • Increased quality assurance.
  • No more lost or broken tapes
  • High confidential data security
  • The option of using speech recognition

Your Advantages In More Detail:


Gaining Efficiency in the Organization of Your Work Processes 

By having all your data saved electronically on your PC, your dictations are ready to be processed instantly through your network. Once processed, they are automated to be distributed to wherever you need them to go making your workflow much faster and more efficient. This helps reduce backlog and not to mention the stress that comes with it!

Prioritization of Urgent Dictations

The ability to arrange your dictations by its level of urgency for your transcriptionist(s) or to mark a job to be done ASAP before the rest, is important for meeting deadlines. And it’s easy. All you need to do is click a button on your dictation device and your transcriptionist(s) will see it highlighted and at the top of their job list.

Sending Dictations Through Your PC network

Send your dictations instantly through your PC network and have it distributed to different transcriptionists accordingly. And send your dictations on-the-go away from your office so that the receiver can finish their job quicker.

Increased quality assurance

Everything is documented in case you forget later on or need to verify the validity of a statement. This helps prevent mistakes and avoids problems when delivering solutions or services to your customers.

No More Cassette Tapes

Cassette tapes are more difficult and costly to buy these days and take up a lot of storage room. And when they are lost, broken, or have been accidentally recorded over, it costs you time and ultimately money to have it replaced. Going digital helps you avoid these issues as you can back-up your electronic data and never have to worry about lost or damaged tapes ever again.

But if you find comfort in cassettes, VTEX Voice Solutions offers the Philips Pocket Memo Voice Recorder shown below. This digital recorder sports a Classic Mode setting that offers the user the look and feel of an analog tape recorder while still reaping the benefits of digital dictation. A great way to transition into digital dictation!

High confidential data security

Confidentiality is crucial to all professionals and moving to digital allows you to encrypt passwords and prevents unauthorized access to your data.

Option of using speech recognition

You can go further with digital. Many digital dictation devices are now compatible with Nuance Dragon Speech Recognition Software. So you can save time by dictating and having your dictations automatically converted to text. This allows you to send your transcribed notes to your transcriptionist for editing and formatting and let them focus more on completing other tasks and jobs. Or, you can edit your notes yourself and save on transcription costs. Either way, you’re saving time. And time is valuable.



Philips Pocket Memo DPM8000: Classic Mode