One of the things I take pride in is giving clients the best service possible and sometimes getting access to a user’s computer can be tricky (especially in remote locations), and explaining the issue over the phone can be frustrating at times to say the least. In these situations I direct the client to our Live Support page. After they download our Bomgar remote support tool, I have the ability to view their screen, control their mouse and keyboard and interact with the client as needed to resolve the issue.  If I need to transfer software updates or diagnostic tools, the Bomgar agent can do that as well. When I end my session with the user, it completely removes itself from the client’s workstation. It also works on both Mac and Windows platforms, so those clients who use Olympus software on OS X or Dragon Dictate for Mac aren’t left out.

This tool gives me the ability to provide remote installations and support to our clients across Canada and allows me to maintain the best service that I can provide.

Posted by: +Keith Horaska