If this is your first time at our website, you will not have noticed the recent overhaul of our website however thanks to the great work by the folks at LW Marketing, our website has been completely redone and we are extremely happy with the result.

Along with the new website redesign, we have some other notable things on the go here at VTEX. We had our eCommerce store go live in March of 2011 and we have had greater results from the store than we had originally anticipated. Through our eCommerce store, we have acquired new clients literally from coast to coast across Canada. We will be working again with LW Marketing to rework our eCommerce store so that it integrates better with our new website design and provides a more seamless experience for the end user and based on the work they did with our website, I’m excited to see how much better it will look once LW Marketing gets hold of it!

On the storefront side, we are also making some changes due to the increase from clients requesting to come down to the office and see some of the equipment and try it out so in light of that, we have ordered some new signage for our office and will be creating a new product demo room here at the office so clients that want to come down and look at the products before purchasing will have the ability to do so. Sure, it’s my office that will become the demo room and I now have to find another area to work in, but it’s all good :) Once it’s all done, we’ll be adding some pics to the blog.

One other project we have on the go which is in the very early stages is our vScription hosted dictation service which will be a service that we will be offering to allow users to have all of the benefits of a state-of-the-art dictation/transcription system without the capital investment that is usually required for such a system. The vScription system will be available for rent on a monthly basis. This will be a great option for at-home transcriptionists and small practices (legal, medical etc,…) who currently use tapes and do manual document distribution as they will have the ability to use a digital dictation system with built in secure document distribution to exchange the final typed document with the Author. We will have more details on vScription as we get closer to the official launch.

Well, that’s a wrap for our very first Blog post. Thanks for taking the time to read and subscribe to the blog feeds or check back frequently to keep up to date with our goings-on! Also, if you are looking for other reads, check out our service blog “Tales from the Lab“.

Post By: +Ryan Gaudet