Not all recording devices are created equal when it comes to speech-enabling the EMR.  There are several factors to consider when choosing a dictation device for use with Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2 in particular.  The main goal is to accomplish the successful adoption of the EMR, create more complete and accurate patient records in less time, and hopefully reestablish a sense of purpose and enjoyment within your practice of medicine.

There are several digital recorders, dictation devices, remote and stationary microphones as well as transcription kits to choose from which can help you dictate with more accuracy when using Dragon Medical Practice Edition software, and navigate more efficiently within the EMR. DMPE_2_Right_Box_Shot

The first thing to consider is what your style of dictation is and what works best within the workflow of your practice.  Do you do most of your dictation from your office computer?  Do you like to record in real-time during the patient encounter?  Do you catch up on your notes remotely?  Will you be using your device for review and editing purposes as well?  The answer to all of these questions will play a large role in determining what hardware will best compliment your speech recognition software.

Ergonomic design, microphone casing, durability, and file encryption are additional aspects that should be considered.  With dozens of devices to choose from, each one encompassing hundreds of unique features, it is advantageous to have a technically savvy professional in your corner to walk you through your options.

Philips offers several digital dictation devices, starter kits and full transcription sets that integrate exceptionally well with Dragon Medical speech recognition software.   The SpeechMike and the SpeechExec Premium are two such options that support seamless dictation and navigation within the EMR when using Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2.

There are also microphone apps that can be uploaded to various smart phone platforms for dictation on the go.

Our goal is to help you achieve successful outcomes by creating complete speech recognition solutions and integrating products that are best suited to your needs.  We are here to help.  Call us today for a free consultation. 

Post By: +Ryan Gaudet