Philips has a great product out that allows you to instantly send your dictations to your transcriptionist without having to connect to a PC and that product is the Philips Wireless LAN dock. You just dock the recorder to automatically upload your dictation files directly to the company network, using built-in WiFi or LAN. This can be a wonderful solution if you don’t want to have a PC setup to download dictations. It potentially saves you money by not requiring the same amount of maintenance costs as a PC.The new Philips ACC8160 WLAN adapter is compatible with the previous generation Philips 9600 series of portables or the latest generation 8000 series. It also includes wireless security features and FTPS support for secure file transfers. acc8160-philips-wlan-adapter-w-dock

Today I am going to go over the initial setup of this device.

Setting up the Adapter

1. First you need to have the adapter powered on and connected to your network via a LAN connection.

2. by default the adapter has an IP address of with a subnet of

3. You will need to temporarily change the static IP address of a PC on the network to, this guide can show you how.

4. Open a Web browser on your PC and enter in the address field. Your user name and password is required. Leave the USER NAME field empty and enter ‚administrator‘ in the PASSWORD field. The configuration interface is displayed with the following pages General, Network, Upload.

5. Change the IP address of the WLAN adapter according to
your network policy.

Setting the FTP server & configuring the WLAN adapter

For our test setup we used Filezilla FTP server as it is free and easy to use.

Once FileZilla is installed you will need to setup a user that has the ability to create folders and sub folders. You will also need to designate a folder that will be used on the server PC that stores the dictations.

Now that the user has been setup and the server is running.

1. Open the WLAN adapter configuration interface by entering
its IP address in your Web browser.

2. Click the UPLOAD page.

3. If your FTP server can accept secure (FTPS) connections,
check the FTPS radio button on the FTP settings panel.
Otherwise, check the FTP radio button on the FTP settings

4. Enter the domain name or IP address of your FTP server into
the FTP SERVER field.

5. Enter the port number of your FTP server into the FTP
PORT field. The port number should be 21, unless your FTP
server is configured with a nonstandard port number.

6. Enter the name of the FTP user account into the USER
NAME field. This should be the user account you have set
up to receive dictation file uploads from the WLAN adapter.

7. Enter the password of the FTP user account into the PASSWORD
field and confirm the password by typing it again
into the CONFIRM PASSWORD field.

8. Enter the path to the directory to receive dictation files
into the PATH ON SERVER field. If you want to use the
default directory of the user account, enter “/”.

9. Press the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the FTP settings
panel in order to save your changes.


Post By: +Paris Vaughn