With the COVID-19 situation that is currently upon us there are some tools released that will help you with your reporting on COVID-19 and related topics.

Nuance has released a COVID-19 Content Pack based on CDC and AHIMA guidelines for coding and reporting. It is available for Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 and 4 and can help you with your reporting on COVID-19 cases and testing.

nVoq recently added COVID-19 related expressions as well for SayIt and vScription VR users and these have automatically been added to all topics. If you would like to have a COVID-19 Content Pack added to your SayIt or vScription account let us know and we’ll add them to your accounts in the backend.

How to install the Content Pack for Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 or 4?

For Dragon Medical Practice Edition (2 or 4):

  1. Open the Command Browser in Dragon
  2. Click File->Import and choose the Nuance COVID-19 Content Pack 03242020.dat file
  3. Click Import All

What’s in the Content Pack?

  • COVID Actual Exposure
  • COVID Acute Bronchitis
  • COVID Acute Respiratory Failure
  • COVID Assessment
  • COVID Bronchitis NOS
  • COVID Lower Respiratory Infection
  • COVID Other Respiratory Infection
  • COVID Pneumonia
  • COVID Possible Exposure Ruled Out
  • COVID Sepsis
  • COVID Symptoms

Stay Safe Everyone.