There are many things that can affect profitability within a medical practice. We will address three examples in which Dragon Medical speech recognition technology can have a direct influence. Dragon Medical Practice Edition

– The ability to create accurate and complete patient records
– Generating the time necessary to provide quality care and see more patients
– Overhead costs associated with both in-house and outsourced transcription services

When Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2 or Dragon® Dictate Medical for Mac are properly installed and configured with compatible EMRs and dictation devices, physicians can immediately begin dictating in their own words, with the presence of any unique regional accents, and experience results that are extremely precise and easy to review. The more that clinicians use the voice recognition engine and make the necessary corrections or vocabulary additions, the more intelligent the software becomes. Subsequently, physicians can use and adapt Dragon Medical speech recognition technology to produce more comprehensive and acceptable clinical records within their EMR.

Evolving accuracy that supports the fastest engine available in speech recognition is why Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 and Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac have been described as tools that can reshape the way physicians practice medicine. There is a significant time recovery experienced when the EMR is speech-enabled and physicians can create once and done documentation three times faster than typing. Clinicians worldwide are expressing an increase in job satisfaction as a result of the time they are saving and the choice they are being given to either spend more quality time with existing patients, see more new patients, or simply get home to their families earlier.

Dragon Medical speech recognition software also has built-in transcription functionality, which basically means that the technology is equipped to manage the process in a multitude of ways depending on the needs and preferences of the user. Regardless of how the physician wants to handle transcription, whether they want to review and edit their dictated text or send it to an assistant for completion, the procedure is immediately streamlined as a result of the accuracy in speech to text results.

By using this progressive software with your EMR, you can expect to receive an impressive ROI, measured through increased reimbursement levels, new patient visits and reduced or eliminated transcription cost.

Let us know what questions you have about building a more profitable practice and if Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 or Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac can help you.

Post By: +Ryan Gaudet