Hi, Paris here and today I want to go over how to create a template with fields in Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 as part of my dragon medical tips series. The industry leading speech to text software for the 1-24 physician practices.

  1. Open Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2.
  2. Load the Profile you would like to create the command for.
  3. Click on Tools -> Add New Command. – This will open the My Command Window.Dragon Medical Tips Box Shot
  4. In the MyCommand Name section, enter a name for the command. – For this example I will be using “Insert Template One”
  5. Click on the Train button to the right of the name. – Here you will train the command to your voice.
  6. Add a description of what the command is doing the description field.
  7. In the Group field choose Medical Templates. – This is used to sort your commands for organizational purposes.
  8. Choose Global for this commands availability. -You can use this section to tell dragon where the command will be accepted. In this example we want to put this template into any program dragon is aware of.
  9. Choose Text and Graphics for the command type.
  10. Use the content area to enter in the template. – For this example we will be doing a SOAP template.
  11. We can use the Variable button to add a field to the template so we can move from field to field by using the next field command.
  12. Place a variable after each section and leave the default value empty. – e.g: Subjective: []
  13. Click Save and you have just finished your first template in Dragon Medical Practice Edition.

Now open the document that you wish to place your template in and say “Insert template one”. You can use the vocal command “next field” to move from field to field.

Please follow us on our Dragon Medical Practice Edition YouTube channel as I will be following this up with a video tutorial and to learn of other dragon medical tips.

Post By: +Paris Vaughn