We occasionally hear from clients that they are having difficulties getting the dictations off of the digital portables to their computers. This happens with both Olympus and Philips devices but could apply to almost any USB connected digital recorder.

If you are using any dictation management software such as SpeechExec Pro or Olympus ODMS, when you connect your digital portable to your computer the files should automatically transfer to your computer. If you manually take the files off your recorder and send them through a third party or via email,  you should be able to see the device in My Computer or your macOS Finder.

In the case that your transfer method is not working, there are a number of reasons this can happen;

  1. If you are using a dictation management software, make sure it is running. Even if it isn’t, you should still be able to see the device in My Computer or macOS Finder
  2. Make sure the device is powered on when connecting because  if it is powered off, it will charge but the device most likely will not be seen by your operating system
  3. If you are using a docking station (For example the Philips ACC8120 or the Olympus CR-21), make sure your USB cable is connected to the USB port and not to the charge-only port.
  4. If you have replaced your USB cable, make sure you have a Data Cable and not a Charge only cable. Unfortunately it’s next to impossible to visually tell. You have to make sure that when you purchase a replacement that it is a Data Cable. You can purchase them from us as well.

This covers the most basic and common reasons however if this doesn’t solve your problem please contact us.