Hi Paris here,

Today I will be going over how to setup a “Next field” Command button on a Philips SpeechMike Pro or Classic Premium for use with Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2.

Philips SpeechMike

  1. Open Philips Device Control Center
  2. Click on the Application Control Tab
  3. Choose the button you would like to use for the command out of the list provided.Philips SpeechMike Image
  4. Click on the Edit Operation icon, this will open the Edit Operation window.
  5. Put the name of the command in the name field.
  6. Click on the Add button, this will open the Operation Step Editor.
  7. Select Dragon NaturallySpeaking Command from the list and click Next.
  8. Choose Next field from this list and Click Finish.
  9. Click Ok in the Edit Operation window.
  10. You can now use the button you selected to activate the Next Field command.
  11. You can follow these steps provided to allocate other commands to buttons on your SpeechMike Premium.

Please stay tuned for more tricks and tips and be sure to check out our YouTube Channel for more in-depth tutorials on the Philips SpeechMike and other dictation products.

Post By: +Paris Vaughn