Its been a long time since Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 was released and we’re happy to announce that Nuance has released it’s latest version of its flagship desktop medical speech recognition software, Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4. What happened to version 3 you ask? Well, you didn’t miss anything, version 3 was released in Europe but never in North America so that’s why there seems to be a missing version. You can purchase DMPE4 from our store here.

DMPE4 is shipping January 22 with upgrades being available mid week. Note that there is an upgrade from DMPE2 to DMPE4 which can be purchased here and if you own Dragon Medical Practice Edition 1, you can still upgrade to version 4 (Update May 2019: Upgrades from version 1 to 4 are no longer available) however you need to provide us with your original license key and a screenshot of the About Us page that we must send to Nuance.

Some of the new features in Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 are as follows;

  • Advanced Deep Learning Technology continuously improves performance and accuracy
  • Newly Designed Dragonbar is designed to free up space on your desktop and improve usability
  • Optimized for Touchscreen devices designed to work seamlessly on mobile devices
  • Highest accuracy ever boasting a 99% accuracy without any training

If you have any questions or would like more information, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.