Nuance just released a significant service pack for the Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 software. It’s nice to see some active development still being done to this product as the feeling has been that the desktop edition was near the end of it’s life. That being said considering the amount of changes listed in this service pack it seems like it is still getting some TLC from the folks at Nuance.

Some of the more signifiant items from the release notes are as follows;

  • New Advanced Scripting Engine. DMPE4 now uses WinWrap basic. This replaces the previous SAX engine. This is interesting as Dragon Medical One has pretty much no scripting support. The new engine changes don’t require any changes to existing scripts which is good thing.
  • Update to the User Profiles directory.  This is a nice change since we have run into a number of situations where users can’t access their profiles after an update or install due to not having Modify permissions to the previous User Profile location which was C:\ProgramData\Nuance. The new location has the user profiles located in the %AppData% folder. For example Users\Username\Appdata\Local\Nuance\NS15\Users
  • DMPE4 now supports Windows Server 2019.

If you want to see the full release notes you can find them here.

Update and Upgrade Notes:

This is a signifiant upgrade so there is no upgrade patch but a full install so be prepared for a fairly large update file weighing in at around 3.6GB. If you are updating or upgrading the installer will automatically uninstall your current install. It is highly recommended that you make a backup of your User Profile(s) and copy them to a safe place. Also after it is done you some of the Administrative Settings get reverted to default so if you have made any changes to Roaming, Scheduled Tasks or Miscellaneous you will have to make those changes again. Also, you need to have your serial key during the upgrade as you may get prompted for it. You can get this from the Help->About Dragon from the Dragonbar if you don’t have it handy but make sure to get it before running the installer.

Although this service pack does have some significant updates, I don’t recommend jumping right in and updating just yet unless you have a specific need. I would wait until the dust settles to see if there are any patches for the Service Pack 3 update.

If you have any questions about the update or upgrade please contact us.

You can download the latest service pack from here.