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Hi Paris here, sometimes I can get stuck or forget a command when using my favorite speech recognition software, Dragon Medical Practice Edition. Here I’m going to talk about some Dragon Medical Tips.dragon medical tips

When users first enter into the speech recognition world, most are impressed with the accuracy rate out of the box and in a perfect world, they wouldn’t need to worry about any corrections and could just dictate away and forget about it however, in the real world, even the best dictators occasionally make mistakes. The mistakes that are made are not necessarily recognized wrong by the software, they can be something as simple as turning off the microphone before ending the sentence causing the last word to be omitted to forgetting to turn off the microphone and having a conversation with someone who walks into your office and having a bunch of garbled words in your dictation. Of course, you can always use your keyboard and mouse to make your corrections but with the Dragon software, you have a powerful speech engine that allows  you to do most keyboard and mouse work with your voice! For the most part, many of the commands are intuitive but there are a lot of ways to describe certain functions so in that light,  I present to you a Voice Command Cheat Sheet which contains the most common command used in day-to-day dictation. With these commands you will be able to correct speech to text efficiently and take advantage of the power of Nuance’s flagship speech recognition for windows software. These commands apply to all versions of Dragon and not only the Dragon Medical Practice Edition.
If you have commands that you use all of the time that we’ve missed or have your own dragon medical tips to share, feel free to drop us a line and we’d be happy to add it to the list for others to see.



Spoken Form


“Period” or “Point” or “Dot”


“Question Mark”


“Exclamation Mark”





“Apostrophe Ess”







“Begin Quote”

“End Quote”



“Dollar Sign”


Cutting / Pasting / Deleting Text

Spoken Form


“Copy That”


“Cut That”


“Paste That”


“Scratch That”


Page Navigation

Spoken Form

Press Enter Key Once

“New Line”

Press Enter Key Twice

“New Paragraph”

Press Space Key

“Space Bar”

Press Tab Key

“Tab Key”

Move insertion point to end of document

“Go to bottom”

Move insertion point before or after text

“Insert before/ Insert after <word or words>



Spoken Form

Bold text

“Bold That”

Italicize Text

“Italicize That”

Underline Text

“Underline That”

Remove Formatting

“Restore That”

Start next word with a capital

“Cap <word>” or “Cap Next <word>”

Next word in all capitals

“All Caps <word>”


Post By: +Paris Vaughn