Today I am going to cover the text and graphic command.  The most common use of this command type is to dictate a word and have dragon produce a pre-defined block of text. Now lets create our first text and graphic command.

With Dragon running, turn your microphone on and say “add new command”. This will bring up the new command window. For this demonstration we will be entering a signature to add to the end of a letter.

In MyCommand Name type Insert Signature

You can leave the description blank or enter a description if you like. text & graphic

Next we will click on the Train button and train the phrase “Insert signature”. Once you have trained the phrase we will go into the content area and type:


Your Name

Now to finish the command we will also check off the plain text box. When this box is unchecked it will keep the formatting of the text you have entered in the content area. When you check the box, the content will not keep its formatting and be formatted to what ever the current format is.

Now lets click save and test out our command in the dictation box. Say “open dictation box”. now say “insert signature”.