A lot of our correctors that are using Dragon Naturally Speaking Professional and Medical Practice Edition have wanted the ability to use a foot control instead of the mouse to start and stop playback. With the new Philips Speech Control drivers setting this up is a breeze.

  • Install the Philips Speech Control Application if not yet installed
  • Connect the Philips USB foot control
  • Open the Hot Keys tab under Dragon’s Options menu and mark down the hot key for playback
  • Open the Philips Device Control Centre (This should be in your system tray by the clock)
  • Under the Application control tab, change the Play option under the Pressed column to the keypress in Dragon (default is Ctrl + Shift + F1)
    • You can do this by clicking on the browse button beside the control, click Add, select the Hotkey radio button, click Next, under Key code identifier press the F1 key, and check off Control and Shift
  • Under the Released column, take the same steps except for the keypress push Esc
  • Use the same steps as above for the Rewind and Forward options, using the Dragon Command radio buttons that correspond with the foot control action (Rewind = Move cursor backward, Forward = Move cursor forward).
    • Remember to make the escape key the button pushed on release!
  • Click Apply

All done! Now you can go through the dictation hands-free. The foot control is the Philips LFH2310 USB Foot Control.

Posted By: +Keith Horaska