Dragon Medical speech recognition technology has already helped more than 200,000 physicians worldwide who have what is considered small to mid-sized medical practices with 24 physicians or less.  The advantages provided by this progressive technology are not lost on Canadian physicians who wish to adopt a speech-enabled EMR. 

 Some of the main concerns we hear revolve around the efficient integration of EMR systems, learning curves associated with the adoption of new solutions and how to create a more profitable practice that brings the focus back to quality patient care. 

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2

Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2 is an adaptive tool that can be customized to the individual physician, their practice, and their unique workflow.  The technology is more than 99 percent accurate out of the box, which means as soon as you set it up with your EMR you can start dictating with precision that continues to improve as you make preference corrections along the way.

Some of the most forward-thinking enhancements tailored to the medical community are the customizable macros, expanded vocabularies and the hidden dialogue box feature.  The customizable macros can save physicians considerable amounts of time by voice-activating frequent point-and-click tasks as well as assigning one-word commands to commonly used boilerplate text. The expanded vocabularies include over 90 medical specialties and subspecialties, which contain over 30,000 terms specific to medicine, allowing for even faster recognition speeds even when using the most technically focused terminology.  The hidden dialogue mode is an essential element that addresses a physician’s need to multi-task quickly and efficiently.  By using this function, users can navigate between the dictation box, x-rays, patient history and flow charts while simultaneously dictating into the clinical record.  Additionally, you can conduct searches and review information all while recording directly into your notes.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 is an exceptionally easy way for Canadian physicians to speech-enable their EMR, save time, and get back to a higher level of patient care that supports a more profitable practice.  To take results to an even higher level, it pays to employ the right recording device.  There are several hardware choices that were developed specifically with Dragon Medical Practice Edition in mind including the Philips SpeechMike as well as the Philips SpeechExec Premium package. 

Our job is to assess your workflow and provide the expert consultation that leads you towards a complete solution and, more importantly, one that helps you create a more rewarding and profitable practice.

Post By: +Ryan Gaudet