There are literally thousands of features available in the new Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2.  Although it’s true that there is a basic installation wizard, which can help walk you through the initial set up of the software, to get the most out of the features that are most advantageous to your practice, a professional who is versed in the product as well as privy to the ins and out of your workflow can make a dramatic difference. Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2

When installed properly, and with your unique workflow in mind, Dragon Medical Practice Edition is more than 99 percent accurate out of the box, with recognition speeds that can save physicians significantly in terms of the time required to record each patient note and money spent on outsourcing transcription services.

Some main features and points to consider during installation:

  • Setting up an accurate user profile
  • Incorporating multiple user profiles if applicable
  • Establishing roaming user profiles 
  • Managing administrative options 
  • Scheduling tasks with customized macros
  • Choosing the proper medical vocabulary 
  • Setting up security protocols 
  • Choosing the correct regional accent support 
  • Selecting the appropriate server that will be used
  • Integrating any digital dictation equipment
  • Formatting the acoustic and language model optimizer 
  • Handling error messages
  • Managing and securing custom commands
  • Setting up structured commands

The more finely tuned each of these areas are handled during the installation process, the more success you will have the first time you use the software.  We can help build a positive first experience that encourages full adoption of a speech-enabled EHR and, more importantly, a quicker ROI.

We provide complete speech recognition solutions and that includes a commitment to offering an elite level of installation services.  We want you to get the most out of your decision to invest in Dragon Medical speech recognition technology.  Let us be a resource for you.  Contact us today with your installation questions. 

Post By: +Ryan Gaudet