We’ve had some issues with some of the new DS-9000 and mostly the DS-9500s where the batteries, the LI-92B, appear to be defective or dead. Although we have had a few that have actually been defective, we’ve found that most of them just need to “reactivated” for lack of a better term.

The way we’ve been able to recover these batteries is by inserting them into the unit, connecting the Micro-USB cable directly to the unit and connecting them to the Olympus changing block and just leaving them. After a while you should get a prompt on the recorder asking if you’d like to charge the battery. Select yes and I suggest leaving them overnight.

This can occur when the batteries have been discharged for a period of time even a few days. One tricky thing about this is the Olympus DS-9XXX recorders won’t work without the battery unlike other digital recorders that will turn on when connected to power which makes them seems like they are completely dead.

One note is that if, when you connect the power, you get a blinking red light above the slide switch, you most likely have a bad battery that needs to be replaced. If it is under warranty it should be replaced no charge and if it isn’t you can order one from us here