Hi everyone, today I want to discuss encryption.  Specifically, how to set up different types of encryption on your Philips DPM8000.


The first step to encrypting your DPM8000 is to add a 4-digit PIN to the device. *In order to configure the device you will need SpeecExec dictate or transcribe installed on your PC.

  1. Connect the DPM800 to you PC.
  2. Open SpeechExec
  3. Navigate to the DPM setting icon and click it
  4. Click on Start Configuration and click on security
  5. Click on PIN… in Device Security Settings
  6. Assign a 4-digit numeric password and click OK
  7. Select “At power-on” or “At power-on and after inactivity
  8. If you chose “At power-on and after inactivity” assign an inactivity period
  9. Click on OK  and the settings will be transferred to the device

Philips Encryption

In the Device Security Settings, you can also Assign a PUK (“PIN unlock”). Think of this as a master PIN. For instance, if you input the wrong PIN on the device 10 times in a row, the DPM8000 will prompt you for the PUK (if one exists). Also, if you set a PUK, you will need it to change or erase the PIN. Also, you cannot reset the PUK on your own; choose wisely.

This post is an example on how to lock or encrypt the device. In my next post, I will discuss how to Encrypt the files stored on your DPM8000.