Today we are going to cover the second part of encrypting your DPM8000.


Specifically, we are going to cover encrypting the files that are stored on the device.  *In order to configure the device you will need SpeecExec dictate or transcribe installed on your PC.

  1. Connect the DPM800 to you PC.
  2. Open SpeechExec
  3. Navigate to the settings icon and click it.
  4. Click on Encryption
  5. Click on Password…
  6. Enter an alphanumeric password of your choice.

There are options to change when you are prompted for a password. The options are listed below.

Use Author profile
This option automatically uses the password in the author’s profile for encrypting dictations. This means that if more than one author uses SpeechExec at the same time for working on dictations, then each of them uses her own password for encryption.

Use Master password
With this option, you can use your predefined master password for encrypting the dictation of an author, even if there is a different password set in the corresponding author’s profile. This option is generally used when only one author uses SpeechExec and, therefore, it is insignificant to set different passwords for different authors.

Always prompt for password
Activate this option to display a password dialog every time you want to play back a dictation. You must enter the password set above.


You may also choose when the encryption is applied.  The options are listed below. These may be selected in the Encryption settings window.

Use DSS Pro encryption when recording a new DS2 dictation

If DSS Pro encryption is enabled, your new recordings in .ds2 format will be encrypted.
Encrypt all finished/suspended dictations
Activate this option to encrypt dictations when you click the Finish or Save as draft button in the Recorder module or download dictations from the Digital Pocket Memo.
Encrypt all dictations sent by email/FTP
Activate this option to encrypt dictations when they are sent via Email or FTP.

Hopefully this article helps you get the most security out of your Philips DPM8000.