If you’re not sure what version of Dragon Medical Practice Edition you have installed, many of you know that you can go to the Help menu and select About.
This will present a splash screen that will tell you the build number you have installed:

Problem is, these build numbers don’t really say too much about the version. Below you will find a table that outlines what version your build number represents

12.52.350.048 – Version 2.2
12.53.b350.033 – Version 2.3
12.53.350.038 – Version 2.3.1 **This is the latest as of 27JUL2017

Depending on your internet policies, you may get auto update notifications from Nuance about updates. If this is the case, you are pretty safe applying the updates as part of the auto update process. We have yet to run into and issue with the auto updates. If your internet policies prevent applications from accessing the internet, contact us and we can provide you with a link to the latest version.

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