A while back we wrote a blog post that explained how to tell what version of Dragon Medical Practice Edition you had installed. With version 2, there were a number of updates that made it tricky to know if you were at the latest version if you didn’t have auto updates on.

With the recent release of version 4, there is only one update currently however it doesn’t appear wen you check for updates. The reason for this is most likely because although the latest version is 4.1.1, it won’t appear when checking for updates. Also, unfortunately the update isn’t currently available as a delta but only as a full install which is just over 4GB. This can make updating difficult if you don’t have a decent internet connection and even if you do, it still takes a while to download that monster. Also as of this writing the DVDs that are shipped with DMPE4 are still version 4.0.

The current build numbers for Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 as as follows;

DMPE4 Version 4.1.1. –  15.30.350.121

DMPE4 Version 4.0 – 15.10.350.049

These build numbers can be found on the Help-About menu. If you need the 4.1.1 update, please contact us to get a download link.