Hello this beautiful September morning from here in Winnipeg!

We’ve been getting a number of calls recently from clients who have tried either re-installing or moving SpeechExec Pro Transcribe or Dictate to a new computer and although they deactivated from the previous computer, they can’t activate the licence.

The reason for this is Philips recently removed the activation servers for SpeechExec Pro software 8 or lower. Unfortunately because of this you will be required to upgrade to SpeechExec X. Luckily in a pinch, you can install SpeechExec Pro Transcribe X software or SpeechExec Pro Dictate X software and activate your 30 day trial key so you can get by until you get an upgrade key. We are able to get you an upgrade key for either SpeechExec Pro Transcribe X or SpeechExec Pro Dictate X usually within the hour.

As always if you have any questions feel free to contact us.