Hi Paris here, Today I am going to show you how to import a customized list of client or patient demographic information to the Philips DPM8000 digital voice recorder, which you can then attach to your dictations.Philips DPM8000 image

Philips DPM8000 List Requirements

  • Spreadsheet software e.g. Microsoft® Excel
  • Maximum of 4 colums
  • Maximum of 40 rows
  • Maximum of 30 characters in a cell
  • The file must be saved as list.csv

Importing Instructions

  1. Open your spreadsheet software.
  2. In the first row enter your titles for up to four columns.
  3. Enter in the content for up to 40 rows.
  4. Once you have finished entering your content go to File -> Save As and name it list.csv * The DPM8000 will not recognize any other file name when importing.
  5. Turn on the DPM8000 and connect it to your PC.
  6. Locate the list.csv file and copy it to the Philips DPM8000 Philips digital recorder drive. *It will show up as a Philips drive in the “Devices and Removable Storage” list.
  7. Unplug the DPM8000 from the PC and the portable will validate the .csv file
  8. A green check mark on the portables screen, indicates the list has successfully been imported.
  9. The portable is now ready to use with the full content of list.csv file. Click on Function Button 1, now titled List, to open the list, select an entry and record your message.
  10. Congratulations, you’re done!

Be sure to stay tuned for more tip and tricks with the Philips DPM8000.

Post By: +Paris Vaughn