Hi Everyone,

Although it’s been a pretty hectic few weeks getting everything ready for the go live, we’re finally on our way thanks to all who have been involved and feedback from the pilot radiologists. After working through most of the workflow issues in the pilot phase of the Provincial SpeechQ For Radiology Speech Recognition project, we officially went live this week and the rollout is in full swing. We have been having great results so far with a majority of reports already being signed off at the point of dictation. Feedback so far from the end users has been extremely positive and we are looking forward to starting rollout at the second site next week which brings a second radiology group on board the SpeechQ system.

The current project timelines have us completing the WRHA portion of the rollout by April 2013 after which we will continue in the rural DSM sites.

I will be posting on the status of the project as it rolls out and am looking forward to be being able to share some of the feedback from the end users as well as the productivity gains that the Diagnostic Imaging departments are going to achieve from the project.

SpeechQ For Radiology



Post By: +Ryan Gaudet