Philips announced today the release of the update to the Philips Speechmike Premium line called the SpeechMike Premium Touch. It looks virtually identical to the Philips SpeechMike Premium with the exception of the trackball which has been replaced by a touch sensor.
Besides the touch sensor addition, Philips has enhanced the barcode reader (On the barcode models) to support 35 barcode formats instead of the current 30. Also, they have improved the firmware update process making it more reliable and secure.
Philips has been quite diligent in releasing firmware and software updates to enhance functionality of the Philips SpeechMikes and the Philips Device Control Center so they have decided to not include the Software with the SpeechMike but the latest version can be downloaded from the Philips site or from our firmware page.
One other significant change is that the slide switch model is only going to be available for the barcode model.
As for cost, it will be the same as the Philips SpeechMike Premium with the trackballs so no change there. Release date is planned for the middle of June 2016.

Personally I’ve found the trackballs on the SpeechMikes to be a little tricky to get used to and I don’t know that I could use one all day long but not so much because of the ball itself but because of the location and just the ergonomics of where it is. We have some clients who do use the trackball but not many who make extensive use of it. With that being said, I look forward to getting one in to play around with it.

Post by +Ryan Gaudet

Speechmike Premium Touch

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