Dragon medicalGood Morning everyone! We have launched a brand new Referral Program for all you lovers of Dragon® Medical Practice Edition! VTEX Voice Solutions is proud to say that we’ve been largely referral based since we started our business and have fantastic customers who have great things to say about our products and services. So we thought, why not thank our customers for speaking so highly of us? Starting from March 1st, 2016, when you refer a colleague, family or friend to us, you will receive $50 on their first purchase of Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 as a thank you for your business and confidence in us.
At VTEX Voice Solutions, we want our clients to focus on enjoying their work and be able to get home in time for dinner. We pride ourselves on offering more than just a workflow solution – but a work-life solution. So refer your colleagues now, and help make a difference in their lives.
To get all of the details, visit our Dragon Medical referral page.

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Post By: Hy Nguyen

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