Hi All,

If you are subscribed to any of our blogs and are reading this, you may have noticed our newly designed website that officially went live July 15, 2014. We’re still working out the kinks but are really happy with the end result. A big thanks goes out to Rich from LW Marketing who did pretty much all of the coding and design work as well as my awesome team here, Paris and Keith whom you may be familiar with through their blogs or through their support awesomeness. They put in many hours of product editing and backend work.

The new store was designed to merge our website with our eCommerce store and to try and consolidate much of our services in one place and we’ve been able to accomplish almost everything. The rest will come in time…..

We’ve tried to make the store easy to use and be visually appealing as well as add some functionality to help users who aren’t quite sure what they are looking for such as an advanced search toolbar and Shopping Assistants (These are still in the works but should be ready soon). We’ve also added a knowledge centre and a chat widget for users who have questions while on the site which should be online all working days between 8:30 AM and 5:00 PM.

Our new site should allow users to find the recording device they are looking for whether it be Philips recorders or Olympus voice recorders or any voice to text software as well.

We are all excited to get this site live and will be tweaking it over the next few weeks so if you’re on the site and see something wrong or think of something it’s missing, please let us know. If you had an account on our old store, we will be adding you to the new store and you will need to request a new password but you should be ready to go. If you run into any issues, please contact us at (866) 992-2994.

Post By: +Ryan Gaudet