Hi, I’m Keith Horaska and on top of being in charge of day-to-day service here at VTEX Voice Solutions, I am now also in charge of the service blog. As for my role at VTEX, aside from day-to-day service, I also handle other aspects of the service department such as end user training, workflow consultations as well as a lot of configuration testing for clients and custom products we develop. This blog will showcase some of the cool stuff that’s coming out of our lab to meet the needs of our diverse customer base along with other other service related posts.

Here at VTEX Voice Solutions, we work exclusively with dictation and transcription and we sell and support a wide variety of dictation equipment from cassette based equipment (Yes, there is still cassette based equipment available)  to state-of-the-art digital systems from a variety of vendors. This allows us to provide the right solution for virtually anyone in need of dictation and transcription equipment. What sets us apart from other companies in the industry is that we have a lot of experience (over 15 years) in a variety of industries such as Healthcare, legal and Law Enforcement and we are able to use that experience to work with clients to improve their workflows through dictation, transcription and Speech Recognition. With all of this, I should have no problem coming up with Blog content for the foreseeable future. Also, maybe if I ask nicely, I can get our lead software developer, Vlad, create a post or two about some of the custom software we’ve developed for clients over the years…..

Thanks for reading this intro blog post and be sure to check back or better yet, subscribe to my blog to find out what’s happening in our service department as well as getting some tips on getting the most out of your dictation equipment. Also, check out our President’s blog for news on the corporate and sales side of VTEX Voice Solutions.

Posted by: +Keith Horaska