Effective February 4, 2020, SpeechExec 11.5 Dictate and Transcribe is now available and replaces the previous SpeechExec X. This applies to all Philips Software and any hardware that included bundled software such as the DPM8000 and the LFH7277

The main change in version 11.5 is the licensing model. All Philips Software is now a 2 year subscription licence instead of a permanent licence. What this means is your licence is valid for two years after which time you need to renew your subscription to keep using the product.  Philips SpeechExec Pro Transcribe 11.5 BoxYou will receive subscription renewal reminder notices at 3 months, 2 months one month and 14 days prior to your subscription expiry date. The same licensing policy of one licence per workstation applies.

Some of the updates to the software itself include;

  • New product name and application Icons
  • Simplified installation process
  • Updated worklist user interface

You can still get a 30 trial when installing the software for the first time. You can download the latest version of SpeechExec Pro Dictate or SpeechExec Pro Transcribe from the firmware files page on the website. When you install and are prompted for a key, just click the Use Demo Key button.

We haven’t heard anything on how long SpeechExec X will be supported however it is likely that the SpeechExec X activation servers will remain active for the foreseeable future.

You can purchase the SpeechExec Pro Transcribe or SpeechExec Pro Dictate from our site and we will send you a download link and licence keys within a few hours during regular business hours.

If you have any questions please contact us at any time.