Dragon medical license box shotUpdate: Support for Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 has officially ended from Nuance. If you have exceeded your 5 activations you will not be able to activate the software nor are we be able to add activations for DMPE2 and you will need upgrade to Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4

Update: We get a number of calls daily about revoking and re-installing non-Medical editions of Dragon. Unfortunately if you have exceeded your activations for any other Dragon product besides Dragon Medical Practice Edition, you will not be able to add any activations. 

Hi Paris here, and today I want to go over a common procedure that can be helpful in certain situations, revoking a Dragon NaturallySpeaking  license. Revoking a dragon medical license is the process of “freeing” up one of the license activations so that it can be used again.

Out of the box Dragon Naturally speaking allows for multiple activations of the product. The amount of activations varies from product to product. There are several reason you may want to install beyond your initial amount of activations. For example: Dragon Medical Practice Edition allows for 4 activations. Lets say you have Dragon Medical installed on 3 exam room workstations and  your home laptop. This configuration takes up all of your activations. Lets say you just got a new laptop and want to replace your old one. Well if you were to install Dragon on this new laptop without first revoking the license, you would be prompted with a message that states you have exceeded your limit in activations.  In this scenario you will need to revoke the dragon medical license on your old laptop.  Luckily it is very simple to revoke a dragon medical license and I will go over the steps below.

Revoking a Dragon license

  1. Make sure the computer you are attempting to revoke a license from  is connected to an active internet connection.
  2. Uninstall the software from the computer. Dragon revokes the dragon medical license automatically during the uninstall process, if you are connected to an active internet connection.

That’s it, you can now install Dragon on another computer and you won’t be presented with an error stating  you have exceeded your limit in activations.

One issue that may occur is that you have had a computer lost, stolen or damaged in some way and you can’t run the uninstall process to revoke the dragon medical license. In these circumstances Nuance has been known to add another activation to your license. For more information, contact us.

Post By: +Paris Vaughn