When Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2 was released it included a new feature that makes virtual and/or remote set up possible. That means Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 can be installed on a server and then remotely accessed from a computer or laptop. The reason this is important is because Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 is an extremely robust program and smaller devices often can’t support the software. dragon remote access

This is where terminal services or Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) comes in. For older PCs and laptops that can’t support the program, Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 software can be installed on a server and then the user can use RDP to enter the server and access the technology from another PC or laptop.

The use of RDP, which was developed by Microsoft and is free, also eliminates the need for a Citrix client and server software while still maintaining the integrity of the audio quality and capacity. Another advantage is the ability to install and configure Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 on a server without worrying about workstations meeting the minimum requirements and needing upgrades to accommodate the size of the program. Any applications installed on the server can be fully utilized by Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 just as if you had it locally installed. In addition, while Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 is running on the server, multiple Windows clients can use it simultaneously.

This RDP feature that can now be integrated with Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 is ideal for providers who travel frequently between different clinics or medical offices to see patients. It allows them to effectively input patient diagnostic data into their EHR or database from anywhere using another device like a laptop. This saves providers time on the back end so that they don’t have to wait until they return to their main office or else work late hours at home to enter patient information into their program.

Post By: +Ryan Gaudet