Hi Paris here with a short guide on how to setup Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 speech to text software for remote desktop connection. This will allow for dragon medical remote access.

Some of the benefits of Dragon Medical in a remote desktop connection.

  • Eliminates the need for a Citrix client and server software.
  • Capacity and quality of audio is the same as using Citrix.
  • Reduces the need to upgrade workstations. You can install and configure Dragon on a server without having to worry about workstations meeting the minimum requirements.
  • Any applications installed on server can be fully utilized by Dragon just as if you Dragon Medical Remote Access Box Shothad it locally installed through dragon medical remote access.

Server Installation

  1. Ensure the server computer meets the system requirements.
  2. Install Dragon on Windows Server
  3. From a command prompt, enter gpedit.msc.
  4. Navigate to Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Remote Desktop Services > Remote Desktop Session Host > Device and resource redirection.
  5. Enable “Allow audio and video playback redirection” option
  6. Open the Control Panel
  7. Navigate to System and Security > System
  8. select Remote and enable “Allow connections from computers running any version of Remote Desktop (less secure)” option.

Client Installation

  1. Install Dragon Client For Remote Desktop
  2. Connect the microphone that you will use to dictate with Dragon.
  3. If your computer has multiple audio sources, make sure that your microphone is set as the Default recording.
  4. From the Dragon Client for Remote Desktop program group, run the Audio Setup Wizard to configure your microphone.

I will be following up on this post about dragon medical remote access with a short tutorial video on our YouTube channel.

UPDATE: Part 1 of the DMPE2 and RDM setup is on our YouTube channel and can be found here


Post By: +Paris Vaughn