Philips has just released their new family of digital recorders in their consumer voice recorder line. Each has it’s own niche to fill and today I am going to cover what the differences are, so you can compare and make the right choice when deciding which of these to is right for you.

Made for the musician in mind. This entry features High-Fidelity recording. Perfectly designed to record music in CD-like audio quality. It also comes with a wireless remote allowing you to have unique placement of the recorder and still maintain ease of use.dvt6500_philips-voice-tracer_remote-control_f_rgb

Philips DVT2500 & DVT2700

This entry level device has been designed for a note taker that is on the go. Featuring a large 1.77″ color display that is now a standard feature on all of the new Digital Voice Tracers. With two microphone technology, your recordings are captured in crisp stereo quality.  Another nice feature is it’s One-touch operation, allowing you to quickly power on and start recording by just holding down the record button. As an optional upgrade this device can be purchased bundled  with Dragon NaturallySpeaking DVR Edition.  This powerful combination lets you simply connect the recorder to your computer and Dragon automatically converts your recordings into a text file.  dvt2500_philips-voice-tracer_rft_rgb

Philips DVT4000

This device has been designed for conversation recordings. It features a new metal housing giving it a more durable yet elegant feel. AutoAdjust+ brings an intelligent new algorithm that analyses incoming audio signals and automatically selects the perfect audio settings for any recording scenario. Another new feature introduced by this model is the built-in Li-polymer battery. This battery gives the device up to 50 hours in record mode and can be charged simply through a micro USB jack. dvt4000_philips-voice-tracer_rft_rgb

Philips DVT6000

This device has been designed to assist with lectures and interviews. Boasting 3 Mic AutoZoom+ technology. This technology lets you point the device at a sound source, like a teacher or presenter and it will automatically adapt the zoom level to the distance of the sound source. The audio is analyzed and surrounding noises are suppressed while keeping the source audio crystal clear. dvt6000_philips-voice-tracer_aps_rgb

Philips DVT6500

Philips DVT8000

This final entry has been designed to perfectly document meetings. A 360° meeting microphone is Included with this device. Simply place the microphone on the table and and hit record to  capture everyone’s voice, from every angle, in crystal clarity. dvt8000_philips-voice-tracer_rft_rgb

That wraps it up for the new digital voice tracer products from Philips. I hope this helps you make an informed decision when determining which device is right for you.


Post By: +Paris Vaughn