Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2 has thousands of features, which may or may not be applicable to your workflow and EMR. There are also dozens of microphones and recording devices that can be used with Dragon Medical speech recognition software; however, the preferences and styles of the user will play a huge role in determining what dictation equipment should be used. In addition, how a physician chooses to handle the process of transcription – whether independently, through an in-house assistant or via an outsourced company – will also govern the installation process for Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2. Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2

Before you decide to speech-enable your EMR, all of these points and many more should be thoughtfully considered. The initial consultation is a complimentary service intended to support the best possible experience for first time users of Dragon® Medical Practice Edition. Careful analysis of the EMR, practice workflow and individual user styles are performed before any suggestion of speech recognition technology is offered.

Following a workflow analysis, we can then determine what dictation device and management software, if any, should be deployed. At this point we will also know what features of Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 are most appropriate for your practice.

Now you are ready for the installation of a complete solution. To ensure seamless integration of each element, a professional should perform the installation and configuration process for Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2. This of course should also be followed by certified training services so that each user can maximize their potential and have the very best first experience with the software.

Post By: +Ryan Gaudet