Dragon Medical Practice Edition is the newest edition to the Dragon voice recognition line of software and is designed for medical practices with less than 25 physicians. This new software will save doctors countless hours filling out electronic health records and will increase the quality and accuracy of patient notation and diagnosis by allowing doctors to capture the patient’s visit in their own words.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition

Check out the following commands that can help you save time while using Dragon Medical Practice Edition.

1. Standard SOAP Template

 Standard SOAP Template

This is easily the most useful command available in Dragon Medical Practice Edition. SOAP stands for Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan. Simply say, “SOAP Template” to use this feature. With the SOAP template, doctors can explain when the patient came in and for what reason, what avenues of treatment have been investigated so far, how the treatment is going, and what the plan is moving into the future.

2. What can I say?

If you’re new to voice dictation software, you’ll find this simple command extremely helpful. With Dragon Medical Practice Edition running, saying, “What can I say?” into the microphone will bring up the software’s Dragon Toolbar help feature.

The toolbar will then show you a list of all the different commands you can use to control the Dragon Medical Practice Edition software. Better still is that the “What can I say?” command is contextual, meaning that it will show you appropriate commands depending on the software you’re using at that time. If you’re using electronic medical health records software, the toolbar will show you all the commands you can use in that software. Conversely, if you’re running MS Word, the toolbar will show you the different commands you can use for word processing.

3. Transfer text

Normally you can dictate and use Dragon voice commands in any window of any application. Occasionally though, you may prefer using Dragon Medical Practice Edition’s Dictation Box to take advantage of Dragon’s command modes, correction modes, and powerful macros. Once you’ve used the Dictation Box, you’ll probably want to paste that text into your program of choice. This is where the “Transfer text” command comes in.

To open the Dictation Box, you can either use the keyboard shortcut, Control + Shift + D or you can simply say, “Open dictation box.”

Once you’ve opened the dictation box and have dictated and edited your text, move your cursor and click in the window you wish to transfer text into and simply say “Transfer text”.

4. Signature

Doctors are required to sign dozens of documents each day. This is yet another thing that can slow down productivity and ultimately increase patient wait times. Thankfully, Dragon Medical Practice Edition is able to store a scanned signature for use.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition Signiture Inclusion

Create your signature on a standard white piece of paper and scan it in using your home or office scanner. Once you have the file, save it to the Dragon Medical Practice Edition software. It will then be available for use anytime you need it. Simply say, “Signature”. Easy!

5. Print that

The advent of electronic medical health records has revolutionized the way many medical practices around the world operate. But there’s a reason why practices relied on paper for so many years: It’s an instant look at information.

Medical Dictation with Dragon Medical

For this reason, doctors may choose to print out documents to send to a referred physician, a laboratory, or the secretary. To use this command, simply say, “Print that.”

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Post By: +Ryan Gaudet