Dragon® Dictate Medical for Mac is an advanced speech recognition solution developed by Nuance Healthcare specifically for Mac users. For the first time, the award-winning technology behind Dragon® Medical Practice Edition has been adapted to address the needs and expectations of physicians who prefer to work on the Macintosh platform.Dragon Dictate Medical Mac

The development of this technology presents a long-awaited upgrade for clinicians who have been using MacSpeech Dictate Medical 1.5. Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac elevates the experience of a speech-enabled EHR for Apple users by delivering the superior performance they have come to expect from their applications as well as a list of user-friendly and evolved features.

The new Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac includes an accuracy rating of more than 99% as well as a significant increase in medical vocabularies with over 90 specialty and subspecialties now available. In addition, regional accent support can instantly identify differences in pronunciation when the proper settings are employed, contributing to faster recognition speeds and the precision in results. Updated macros can be customized to manage anything from insertion of boilerplate text to the full implementation of point-and-click tasks by using simple voice commands, thereby saving valuable time on the process of navigation, review and editing by eliminating the need for redundant efforts with the keyboards and mouse.

As with all Dragon Medical speech recognition solutions, the proper installation and training are crucial elements to successful integration with the EHR and compatible dictation devices. For those of you who are new to medical voice solutions, keep in mind that there are literally thousands of features available with this new technology. We can provide the analysis, diagnosis, and implementation that will determine which settings and applications are most useful to your workflow. More importantly, we will train you on the features that can help you produce a faster ROI.