Most people who have used Speech Recognition have gone through the age old profile training and I’m sure there are many out there who have those profile scripts memorized after having run through them so many times.
Nowadays, speech recognition has advanced to the point where profile training, although can be a benefit, isn’t always needed. SayIt uses a speaker independent profile meaning that there is no need to run through profile training to get started. That being said, for users who have never used speech recognition before (or even for users who are not very familiar with standard dictation for that matter), it takes more than just having the software understand how they speak for the software to work for the user. They need to know HOW to dictate.

I think many of us in the industry take for granted that we know how to dictate. New paragraph, comma, period, colon etc.. but we understand that there are many out there who don’t know this. Experienced trainers like the ones we have at VTEX can identify this and adjust our training methods as needed but now with many HIS or IT departments doing end user training, they may not be used to or ready for this. In the past, this has caused some less than ideal training situations with users, not to the fault of the trainer so what we are excited to be able to do with SayIt is provide you with training “scripts” for various experienced end users.

We can load various training scripts into your company setup so that your trainer can have the end user practice based on their skill level. For example, one basic training practice script we have is like this;


ORIGINAL DICTATION: His past surgical history is significant for right knee surgery in 2012.

ORIGINAL DICTATION: Patient has been under my care since 10/3/12.
(Hint: Say slash between the numbers of the date.)

ORIGINAL DICTATION: Heart rate is 80, blood pressure is 132 over 70, weight is 195 pounds.
(Hint: Be sure to speak all punctuation that you see)

ORIGINAL DICTATION: I have given him Afrin, 2 sprays in each nostril twice daily, Lamictal 200 milligrams, as well as Ambien 5 milligrams at bed time.

ORIGINAL DICTATION: I have given him Augmentin 875 milligrams 2 tablets q 12h for 10 days.


This is a script that an end user could run and practice dictating to get used to using punctuation and other formatting. This is an example that is included with SayIt but these can be customized to however you want to ensure your users have the tools they need to use the software to its ability and gain the benefits of Speech Recognition.

As part of our onboarding process of SayIt to clients, we work with our clients to ensure that they have the support and tools they need for a successful deployment. Contact Us to find out more about how VTEX Voice Solutions and SayIt can increase your practice or enterprise efficiency and productivity.

Post by +Ryan Gaudet