The display in overwrite mode

The record light in overwrite mode


The Philips 9600 is one of our best-selling portable dictation devices. After some time users have reported that the portable may start to play back a bunch of jumbled dictation at the very end of the job. This “issue” is actually a feature, the insert/overwrite button. Typically a digital portable acts just like its analog cousin – when you rewind and put the unit into record, you will overwrite any dictation on the unit. In overwrite mode, the Philips portable will look like the images on the right.






The Insert/Overwrite toggle is down and to the left of the menu button

However, pressing the Insert/Overwrite toggle (the small oval button down and to the left of the Menu button) will toggle between overwrite and insert modes. Insert mode allows users to go back into their dictation and place audio without overwriting anything past that point. The problem is if people think they are overwriting and they are in fact inserting, the end of the dictation sounds very broken and confusing to transcriptionists.





The display in insert mode

Record light in Insert mode

When the portable is in Insert mode the front LCD and record light will look like the following:

Notice at the top of the LCD there is now a three arrow symbol and there is also an i beside REC on the right-hand side. The record light has also switched to green.



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Posted by: +Keith Horaska