If you try to unable to upgrade SpeechExec Pro X (Dictate or Transcribe) from a previous version of SpeechExec , I will show you a few ways to work around this.

First off, if your SpeechExec Pro software is activated and working as expected, you shouldn’t have any upgrade issues. If you try to upgrade to SpeechExec Pro X with an unactivated, older version installed, you will get an error and be unable to proceed. If your version of SpeechExec is activate and running, you shouldn’t have this issue. We did recently have an issue where there was a licence error which put us in this scenario.

The easiest workaround is to simply uninstall the existing version and then install SpeechExec X. Note you won’t lose any of your settings. We’ve un into issues on Windows 10 where the uninstall button was greyed out in the Add/Remove programs in Windows. This prevented us from uninstalling the previous version. If you don’t have some type of third party uninstaller such as Revo Uninstaller, you can also rename the existing SpeechExec Pro software program folder under C:\Program Files(x86)\Philips Speech folder to something different then run the installer again. Note that if you have other Philips software installed you may have other sub folders under the Philips Speech. You may just want to rename the specific program folder name. If you are running version 8.x, you should not lose your configuration settings unless you’ve made some odd configuration settings.

If you are unable to work around this or have any other issues with SpeechExec software, please contact us and we’ll help you out.