We’re proud to announce that our Canadian hosted dictation service, vScription, is now available for rent. Powered by Winscribe, vScription offers state of the art dictation functionality without the need to purchase an on-premise system.
Having been a Winscribe partner for over 5 years with excellent success and customer satisfaction, we decided to use Winscribe as our hosted dictation platform due to the fact that it is extremely user friendly and easy to deploy and has proven to be extremely stable. Also, it supports an extremely wide variety of input devices for dictation (Philips, Olympus, Grundig among others) so there is a good chance you can leverage any existing digital equipment you may be currently using. We currently offer standard telephone dictation, mobile dictation through iPhone, iPad, Android phones and Blackberry smartphones, digital portable input and PC Dictation as dictation input options. We also have the ability to take in dictation from many third party dictation systems if necessary.
We have comprehensive pricing allowing it to fit in most environments from a single physician office or lawyer to larger clinics and law firms among others.
For more information and to see a demo of our vScription solution, call us at (866) 992-2994 or contact us electronically by clicking here.

vScription Hosted Dictation Service

Post By: +Ryan Gaudet