**Update: We now support DSS and DS2 audio files as well as Philips USB foot controls. Find out more on our vScription Transcribe Landing Page**

We have just released the first version of our free online transcription software, vScription Transcribe. It is designed as a completely free way to transcribe local files on your computer and has foot control support with the generic VEC and DaFuture IN-USB2 foot controls.

We originally designed vScription Transcribe free online transcription software for our own typists and decided to enhance it and make it available for anyone.  With the first release it is pretty basic and supports MP3, wav and Ogg Vorbis file types. It also includes a basic text editor that includes the following features;

  • Global word expander
  • Speed Control
  • Customizable Foot Control Buttons
  • Exports the transcribed files to a local RTF
  • Basic Spellcheck

If you currently transcribe into another application, you can still use vScription Transcribe free online transcription software as an audio player only. You have the ability to hide the text area and just show the audio controller.

You can view the online documentation for installation instructions and the user guide

We are going to be releasing a Pro version in the near future. Some additional features to be included in the pro version include;

  • Cloud dictation storage
  • DSS file support
  • User specific word expanders
  • Custom demographics
  • Beautiful User Interface
  • Back end speech recognition

Stay posted for details on the pro version.

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