It’s been a few weeks since our initial release of our vScription Transcribe Free Transcription software and we are happy to release our first update to the software.

In this version, we have made some significant enhancements to the software including additional functionality and improvements. First off, we have decided to bundle the application in an installer instead of the zip file. With all the different web browsers and subtle differences in the way people have things configured on their computer, we decided an installer was a simpler way to get started and maintain the application with future releases.

The two major features that we have added are support for Philips USB foot controls and support for DSS audio files. We had always planned these features for an upcoming release however it was pretty apparent right after release that we needed these features sooner than later based on customer feedback. We also added support to automatically download audio files from removable devices including digital portables. What this means in when you connect your digital recorder (Or USB thumb drive), if it contains any of the supported audio file formats supported by vScription Transcribe (wav, mp3, ogg and now dss), a popup will appears asking if you want to download them to your computer.

vScription Transcribe Import Window

Additional Features and Changes:

  • Added ability to leave App Always on Top. This is helpful when using app in Player Only mode
  • Add ability to automatically resize app window to player only in Player Only mode.  I’ll admit this still isn’t the best solution to this yet however when you go into Player Only mode, you can now restore the application window and it will resize to the Player Only control size

vScription Transcribe Player Only Mode

  • Changed default download/media folder to My Documents\vScription. What this means is when you save an RTF, it will automatically save to the vScription folder in your My Documents folder and when you download files off a digital recorder or USB device using the application, it will place them in a folder called Media under the vScription folder in your My Document Folder;
    • In Short;
      My Documents\vScription – This is the default save directory for RTF files when saving them using vScription Transcribe
      My Documents\vScription\Media – This is the default folder where the audio files will download to on your local computer

If you haven’t downloaded it yet, you can download the latest free version here or want to find out more head to our vScription Transcribe landing page. You can also go to our forum page to suggest features.

As always if you have any questions, please contact us.