So since the last update we’ve been tweaking some of the back end code and refining some of the workflows for vScription Transcribe Pro as well as implemented some final features we wanted available for launch.

We wanted to add standard telephone input as on our existing hosted dictation system, vScription Voice, 90% of our users prefer to use standard telephone. In the process of getting this added we also included a couple of other features as part of that. On top of supporting standard telephone, we have the ability to import audio/text pairs allowing us to integrate with third party dictation systems such as Winscribe, Fluency Voice and Dolbey.

While we were working on that it seemed a great opportunity to add the ability to import dictations from digital portables directly in addition to being able to manually upload audio files as well. We are able to support virtually any digital portable that contains the demographic information in the file header. We currently have configurations done for all recent Philips and Olympus professional recorders and if you want to add new ones, you can do it yourself or send us a sample and we can provide you with the configuration as well.

Both the audio/text import and digital portable import are handled through our new vScription Controller app. It runs on Windows, macOS and Linux. The Windows deployment is a self contained, digitally signed installer and easy to deploy. On macOS and Linux, you need to have openJDK installed.

This was a, more on the technical side, blog post and was written with more technical users in mind so if you aren’t technical and have no interest in reading technical mumbo jumbo, here’s a quick tl:dr of the above;

vScription Transcribe Pro Updates:

  • We can import files from other dictation systems
  • We can import audio files directly from most digital portable devices
  • We have new user interactive tutorials for many pages


One last thing, we have had a number of requests asking if we support importing conference recording like meetings from Teams, Zoom etc… We are currently working on the ability to upload pre-recorded Teams and Zoom meetings into vScription Transcribe Pro, making them available for transcription. We can transcribe them for you or you can transcribe yourself with the convenience of a foot control. If you are interested in this feature, please contact us and we’ll let you know when it’s available.