It’s been a while since we’ve posted as we’ve been hard at work cleaning up code and workflow for vScription Transcribe.
As mentioned in our previous blog post on vScription Transcribe, we’ve added backend speech to text functionality to the product. This feature is designed specifically for meeting notes, interviews and other types of audio like that. This includes Zoom meeting, Microsoft Teams meetings as well as meetings recorded on other recording devices.

During the development phase we also made some workflow changes and did some redesigning to make the user experience as easy as possible.

Some release highlights:

  • Backend speech to text support for meetings
  • New navigation bar
  • Drag and drop support for file uploads
  • Improved first time user tutorials
  • Quick access help widget

We also confirmed support for the new IN-USB3 USB foot controls with the Transcribe page.

We have started a new website specifically for the vScription product suite and it is a work in progress but is live at https://www.vscription.com/vscription-transcribe.

A complete list of the changes for this update can be found here.

Release Date:

These updates will be pushed to production for March 1st but if you are interested in doing some beta testing with free minutes, you can sign up for an account here and you will get 30 free speech to text minutes. If you would like more minutes to test with, contact us and we’ll see what we can do :). We’re still working on finalizing pricing packages for the speech to text function but that will be ready for the March release.

One change that we made is we have removed the Pro from the product name and decided to just use vScription Transcribe. We’re excited to get this release into production and look forward to hearing your feedback and product suggestions as well!