Hi there, Paris here and today I am going to go into detail on what the Accuracy Optimization Service is and how it can benefit you.

One thing that makes SayIt different from other speech recognition systems is the Accuracy Optimization Service that is included with every subscription. This service is also known as “AOS”.

So what does AOS mean for you? Well, normally with other speech recognition solutions, you would need to spend the first few weeks manually correcting each mistake the system made to ensure the best possible accuracy. You would also need to be quite diligent with these corrections or you could end up teaching the system incorrectly and potentially sabotage your profile. You also would need to continue correcting mistakes for the entire life of the product.

Things are much easier with SayIt and the Accuracy Optimization Service. Right from day one, AOS is enabled and a team of highly trained medical transcriptionists will spend around 10 hours analyzing the dictations you have done within SayIt. They will then use administrative tools to manually make corrections to the SayIt engine to further increase recognition accuracy. The really nice thing about this service is that it is completely hands off for the end user. You don’t have to worry about sabotaging your profile or trying to increase your recognition rate as we do all of the work for you!

Once AOS is has been completed we will go over the changes that have been made and determine whether there is anything else that needs to be done to ensure the highest possible accuracy for you. This could be more coaching tips, custom vocabulary entries or even advanced macro or template implementation.  All in all, with SayIt and VTEX, you can have accurate speech recognition without having to think about it.