Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2There are literally thousands of features included in the new Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2 software.  Some of the functions may be considered elementary to incorporate whereas others require careful consideration of the workflow and tailored configuration to the chosen EHR.  

It can be easy for users to become overwhelmed by the more complex features offered within the technology.  It may also seem easier to graze over certain options in which case you are likely missing out on the use of profound time-saving features as well as tools that maximize accuracy of dictated text.

Assuming the proper installation and EHR configuration has been performed, training on Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 should be a painless process that can have clinicians up and running, using the technology in short order to streamline workflows.  

Because of the number and variety of settings, multiple trainings are advisable to reinforce comfort levels and best practices with the most commonly used as well as advanced features. 

Dragon Medical Practice Edition training can be performed remotely via a remote desktop connection or in person.  It can also be done one-on-one or in groups, depending on what is best for the office in question.

Reports indicate that successful integration and physician satisfaction with Dragon Medical speech recognition is dependent on how quickly the learning curve can be overcome.  Employing a trainer is the fastest way to ensure your success as well as a quicker ROI. 

Once you have speech-enabled your EHR, you can expect to create more complete and accurate patient documentation in less time.  That means redirecting transcription resources, realizing more time with patients, achieving meaningful use criteria more quickly, and increasing reimbursement levels. 

Incorporating Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 with the proper training is a viable path towards a more efficient and profitable practice. 

Post By: +Ryan Gaudet