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One question that we often get asked is “what is the difference between the Medical and Professional versions of Dragon NaturallySpeaking?” and is commonly referred to by clients as “dragon vs dragon medical”

The first difference you may notice, is the price. Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 is more expensive than Professional, because it is packed with more content to help make dictating in the medical profession easier. So today I am going to cover some of those extras in detail, to help you make the informed decision on which is the best investment for you. dravon vs dragon medical

Medical vocabulary 

Dragon Medical practice Edition 2 includes nearly 90 specialties and sub specialties. A Dragon vocabulary set isn’t just a list of words, it also contains the instructions on how a specialty would use that word in a sentence. By utilizing the correct vocabulary you can drastically increase your accuracy in Dragon. Because you can’t create a medical vocabulary, this is considered one of the main features for a medical practitioner to choose Dragon Medical Practice Edition.

Medical Formatting

In Dragon Medical Practice Editions auto-formatting options section you have the ability to adjust how Dragon handles formatting to suite your needs.

For example:

You can have the system automatically capitalize DO NOT INTUBATE and DO NOT RESUSCITATE. Another option is to have abbreviations expanded, like chemo to chemotherapy. It can also automatically hyphenate for vertebrae ranges such that C1 7 becomes C1-7 or automatically insert a second letter into vertebrae ranges such that C1 7 becomes C1 C7.

You can always create these types of formatting rules in the professional version of Dragon, but this can be time consuming and in some cases not possible.


Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 expands on Dragon Professionals command types. It includes 3 additional types, designed with the medical office in mind.

Macro Recorder: Macro Recorder can record a sequence of mouse movements and keystrokes. When you say the name of the Macro Recorder command Dragon NaturallySpeaking plays back these mouse movements and keystrokes in the manner in which you recorded them.

Advanced Scripting: create complex scripts and sequences to perform virtually any function on the computer using voice commands.

step-by-step: Step-by-Step commands activate menu and keystroke commands that control your applications. Each step of the command can type text, press a keyboard key, open an application, or turn the microphone on or off. This is useful for controlling applications and for multistep tasks.

With all of these combined you have the potential to control almost every aspect of your workstation with the power of your voice!

Hidden Mode

Dragon Medical features a mode for the Dictation Box that allows you to have an unobstructed view of your screen. When Hidden mode is activated the Dictation Box becomes transparent. This translucency is adjustable to your personal preferences. This comes in handy for individuals working the medical field as they can be review images or data while simultaneously dictating notes or consults. The nice finish touch to this mode is that all you have to do is say “Transfer text” and Dragon will take the content of the Dictation Box and place it where ever you place your courser.

In the discussion about dragon vs dragon medical, these are four major features specific to the Medical version of Dragon NaturallySpeaking. I hope this information helps when deciding which is the best version for you. Of course, if you are still unsure or would like additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Post By: +Paris Vaughn