You may be wondering why would you would want to upgrade to the professional version of SpeechExec. Well today I am going to cover some of the features that Philips SpeechExec Pro Dictate and Transcribe have to offer.

SpeechExec Pro Dictate
The first thing to note is that you can create a dictation right in the software, this is known as front end dictation. This is handy for quickly adding in a last minute dictation while you are at your workstation or dictating even if you have misplaced your pocket memo. You will also be able to edit previously recorded files as well as change the state of your dictations to finished, suspended or canceled. These features give you more control over your work-flow.Another useful feature introduced in the Pro version is the ability to record an instruction with your dictations. Instructions are recorded comments by the author that are directed to the person transcribing the dictation. SpeechExec Pro supports two types of instructions. Spoken instructions are stored within the dictation file at the position where the instruction was actually recorded. (For example you have an instruction for the correct spelling of a technical term or an individuals name.) Special instructions are usually recorded at the start of a dictation with special information relating to the dictation. Special instructions are stored in a separate sound file. (Examples of special instructions might include document formatting instructions, names of individuals to receive copies, or delivery instructions.) You will also have the ability to delete sections of your dictation within SpeechExec so if you are reviewing a job and realize you don’t need a section of dictation you don’t need to edit it on your portable device and re-import it back into SpeechExec.

The professional version also has some expanded functionality. SpeechExec Pro Dictate introduces the SpeechMike Configuration Wizard, this comes in handy if you are going to be using a SpeechMike and front end dictation. Speech recognition functions are also available. SpeechExec Pro can be paired with Dragon NaturallySpeaking speech recognition software, allowing the user to control the entire process from  dictation, speech recognition and correction to the final text document in SpeechExec. To activate the speech recognition functions, an additional SpeechExec license is required.
SpeechExec Pro Transcribe

Many of these features are designed to be used in conjunction with the features introduced in SpeechExec Pro Dictate. The first notable feature is that you can attach documents to dictation files. This comes in handy if you want to keep your transcribed text organized and easily accessed in one location. You will also be able to playback special instructions. With Pro you have many more configuration options available. You have access to the Digital Pocket Memo Configuration Wizard as well as the ability to configure the download process from the pocket memo. These two features will be heavily used as you adjust SpeechExec to your work-flow.

Notifications and reminders are also enabled. SpeechExec can alert the transcriptionist when new dictation files arrive in the To Do folder and remind of untranscribed dictation files. A visual signal, acoustic sound (beep) – or both – can alert a transcriptionist when a new dictation is available for transcription. Speech Recognition functions can also be enabled for Pro Transcribe. It has the same features and restrictions as Pro Dictate.

If you want more options and features to help keep you organized and take full advantage of digital dictation/transcription then the professional version of this software is for you!

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Post By: +Paris Vaughn